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Distraction Free Driving

Texting and Driving is the #1 preventable cause of driving deaths and injuries.  DriveSafety locks your mobile device while driving to save lives and make our highways and roads safer.

Install it, forget about it and drive distraction free

Driving Lock

Your device is automatically locked after reaching 5 miles per hour only allowing phone calls to be made.  Ensure distraction free driving with DriveSafety.

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Commit to Safe Driving

Distracted Driving is the number one bad driving habit to eliminate loss to live and injury and make our highways and roads safer. DriveSafety is the perfect solution to improve your driving, protect you and your passengers' lives and those on the road.

DriveSafety is your driving companion to help save lives through distraction free driving.  Using a strong combination of technology blocking, social sharing and individual accountability, DriveSafety is the perfect solution to improve your driving life. DriveSafety blocks mobile device usage while a car is in motion to ensure a driver keeps their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.  A driving history is collected and used to create individual awareness of driving habits such as speeding, hard braking, and device usage.  Analytics are provided to emphasize driving habits and visualize trends.  Social sharing with family, friends and concerned third parties provide an extra layer of accountability to improve awareness of driving habits.  Through awareness and prevention, DriveSafety is making the highways and roads safe.

DriveSafety Overview

Safety Features

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Device Lock

Automatic Prevention

Start driving and your device will lock automatically to prevent distracted driving.  DriveSafety’s driving detection algorithm uses a combination of accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS data to provide an accurate method of determining if you are in a moving vehicle. The device will remain locked for the duration of the drive to prevent the temptation to send and receive text messages and other distracting alerts. The device remains locked even while stopped at an intersection with our default settings.


Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

Does the app work for both Android and iOS?

Our first release works on all Android devices.  We prioritized Android due to the worldwide market share and the ability to develop our auto-lock feature.  An iOS version is in development. 

Why is DriveSafety better than Do Not Disturb features?

The Do Not Disturb feature on mobile devices are completely voluntary with the ability to easily by-pass the device lock.  In addition, DriveSafety has social sharing to build accountability of good habits.

Do I have to pay to use DriveSafety?

DriveSafety is a free app!  We want to save lives and make our roads safer and know DriveSafety is the solution. We may add premium features in the future, but all the basics are free. Download it today.

Can I get insurance discounts by using DriveSafety?

Please let your insurance agent know you use DriveSafety and they may provide a discount. We are not affiliated with any individual insurance companies which allows us to provide the best technology to everyone.

What driving habits does DriveSafety track?

DriveSafety tracks important events while a car is in motion which may indicate distracted driving.  The app tracks the vehicle's speed, the road's speed limit, hard braking, and number of times a phone is used while driving.

Can I see a map of the individual trips which are tracked?

Yes, from the Trips screen there is a hidden menu for each trip.  Slide to the left and you can share that trip's data with a friend as well as see a map displaying the route on the trip.

How can I invite others to use DriveSafety with me?

Go to the Sharing screen and invite friends and family to use the app by providing their name and e-mail address. We will send them an invite to download the app and subscribe.

Will DriveSafety work worldwide when I'm traveling?

Yes. The app supports international features such as displaying local speed limits and measuring velocity in Kilometers per hour.


DriveSafety is another life-saving app from the team at WebSafety.  We are committed to protecting lives through technology.  Our portfolio of applications are focused on keeping families safe from dangers presented by technology.  DriveSafety is a mobile driving companion to ensure safety through distraction less driving.  WebSafety is a parental monitoring app to ensure safety of children using mobile technology.

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